I miss my Vodka and Elvis (above picture, the two in the middle), they died because of Parvo virus on September.

The virus had spread too fast, I knew Elvis (the black one) was sick just barely 24 hours before she died. I was planning to take her to the vet after I got home from my classes that day, but just before I go, she breathed for the last time. Later I found out she was infected with cardio parvo and it is almost impossible for a dog to survive that disease.

I also found out that once Parvo infected a sibling, it would infect the whole litter. I prepared everything possible to take care of them. I ‘shot’ them water every 30 minutes (I used 5 different syringes, one for each, then ‘shot’ the water to their throat), gave them honey every 4 hours, fed them with bland porridge every 4 hours, sat by their side almost 24 hours a day and it went for 7 days straight. On the night of the 6th day, Vodka (who was the worst of all at that time) showed signs of getting better. She walked to me while I was in the kitchen and lay her head at my toes. I sat on the floor and held her close. A while later she walked out and I never knew that it would be the last time I seen her alive, that it was her way of saying goodbye. Barely 6 in the morning, my mom woke me and told me that something is wrong with Vodka. I ran to her and just as I was about to held her, she breathed for the last time. I couldn’t even cry, I just sat there.

After Vodka died, on the 7th day, both Oreo and Robin (the multi-color ones, Oreo is the one laying) got better. They drank like crazy but ate their porridge slowly. I kept giving them honey and the medicine although they already looked well. But the danger wasn’t over. On that same day, Brandy (the one with black nose) got worse. She kept declining for the next 2 days but I could see it in her eyes that she wasn’t ready to give up so I didn’t give up to. I practically stayed up for that 2 days, sitting by her side, constantly giving her water, the medicine and sugar water. On the night of the 9th day, Brandy puked blood. That was it, I lost it. I cried like never before but still held her close. I kept giving her water, porridge, sugar water and medicine, and I never stopped praying since day 1. I prayed harder but I didn’t pray for God to make her healthy but prayed that God gave her what’s best for her. He answered my prayers; Brandy got better on the 10th day. She’s been healthy ever since but she would never be as healthy as before. They said if a dog survived the worst stage of Parvo, the wound she survived from would never heal and apparently it wounded her stomach.

That was the longest and worst 10 days of my life; I had lost 2 of my babies and watched the other 3 fought for their lives. I will forever be thankful to God for the strength and blessing He had given me.

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